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(Hong Kong) “The Golden 10 Years of Hong Kong Startups”

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“The Golden 10 Years of Hong Kong #Startups” or “香港初創黃金十年” – That was the main theme of my interview with Hong Kong #ITPro IT PRO, Giant Media 炬傳媒 – a leading IT magazine for #digital and #corporate leaders in Hong Kong. The whole article was published on the latest volume vol 173.

I was so grateful to study #ComputerScience and start my career 30 years ago in #SiliconValley in the US.  Then, lots of ups and downs throughout my career. In the interview, I shared my career experience from the US to Asia and from the corporate world to recently startups.

The 1st “5 Golden Years of Hong Kong Startups”:
I have been heavily engaging in the startups ecosystem since I joined Cyberport as the 1st Chief Public Mission Officer. My mission in Cyberport was to cultivate not just over 1,000 startups but also an ecosystem to connect all key stakeholders so new and existing startups can leverage on it to grow.

Glad to see that we have established a vibrant international #ecosystem for our start-ups to grow and for our corporates to co-innovate with in the last 5 years. With the joint effort from the key stakeholders in our ecosystem like #Entrepreneurs#Investors#CorporateLeaders#Incubators#Professors#Regulators#PolicyMakers#Professionals, and more, we not only have created 10+ #Unicorns for Hong Kong but also have empowered quite a few influential #B2B collaborations.

The 2nd “Golden 5 Years of Hong Kong Startups”:
With the establishment of a competitive startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, we need to leverage and capitalize on this foundation in the next 5 years to grow Hong Kong to be the leading #innovation and #technology hub in the world. We do have 2 big markets, #GBA and #ASEAN, just next door. Let’s join hands to seize these unprecedented opportunities.

As a professor, an entrepreneur, an investor, and advisors to both startups and corporates, I am continuing my effort to contribute, empower and engage with this ecosystem, and further extend it to GBA and ASEAN in coming 5 golden years for HK startups. To find out more, please read my sharing in this issue of ITPRO. Let me know if you cannot access a copy of it.

Special thanks to ITPRO teammates to interview me and put together this edition. I have been lucky having a supportive family and met many great mentors, partners and friends in my career. Appreciate all of you who have helped me grow in my journey.

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