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Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2022

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Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival is back. Today was the first day and will continue till Sunday (Aug 21, 2022). Welcome back and see lots of people and old friends there today in the first day.

Glad to moderate 2 forums on #MetaVerse in the festival. This is the third forum of the MetaVerse series of the HKPC #Innopreneur Meetup. Grateful to be the moderator for this series. Thanks to #HKPC Karen F.Elly Yip, their teammates for organizing it.

I had Andy Hsu from #MetaSze Lok Chan from #AWS, and Sam Hui from #CHKCI in my first forum. We talked about the MetaVerse ecosystem and opportunities for Hong Kong #SMEs.

Then, I had 3 innovators on MetaVerse for the 2nd panel. Gabriel K. #AirWorldRicky Ng #BetterArena and Dr. Amen Lee #BetterVerse. We talked about the transition from #Web2 to #Web3, social impact on MetaVerse, global expansion through MetaVerse.

Excellent innovations on MetaVerse from the elite startups. With the empowerment from Meta, AWS and other leaders, there will be lots of opportunities in hardware, software, applications for many industries, not just #Gaming#Crypto and #NFTs. Heartfelt thank to all the panel speakers and their insightful sharing.

Mckinsey estimated that the MetaVerse market will grow to 5 trillion USD by 2030. The future of MetaVerse is not shaped yet. Hong Kong companies, large or small, startups and even investors will have great opportunities in this decade.

Start fast, act fast, fail fast, learn fast and pivot fast. That is the new rule of thumb for success in the digital era.

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