Felt great to pick up my guitar and sang my favorite folk songs. It feels like back to 30 years old when I was singing folk songs from town to town back then. Yesterday, we went to a professional studio to sing and record a favorite song of mine, Peter, Paul and Mary’s <Tall Pine Trees>,即是林子祥的<我要走天涯>。

To celebrate the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020, #ESGMatters gathered some friends including me to sing some songs. That was why we were there. It was so fun and triggered me to think back the joy back then. “Those were the days..”

If you would like to watch our performance, please stay tuned for the following sessions of #ESGMatters ESG Matters 自動生成ESG報告 on Nov 2:

Register here for the #ESGNight

Thanks so much to Andy, Dicky, 豹哥 and many ESG Matters’ teammates with full support and passion to make this happen. May Lit Lavin Yeung Dicky Lo Wilson Kwok MA(HONS), FCPA, CA, ATIHK, FHKFA, CFP, CFT Also, thanks to the key men behind the FinTech Week Hong Kong 2020 King Leung Anthony Sar for their effort and support.

See you in Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020. Let’s learn, network, do #FinTech business and have some fun as well. Cheers.

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