“Make Something WOW” was the message on the wall behind Michael Yung and I. That was close to what we have talked about. How to make our customers #WOW by smart use of #data?

This was another episode of the #ToaSirDataTalk #ToaSir講數 series organized by #OpenCertHub #OCH. Michael is an veteran in the #TravelTech and #CustomerLoyalty industry. We discussed how to leverage on data in the #B2C and #B2B markets.

Michael has been using data to empower his company to understand their consumers and offer the most suitable products and services to them. Another key customer of this industry is merchants. Michael also makes use of data to help his merchants to design right products and campaigns to their customers. We also talked about the key roles of data in a #platform.

We have discussed how data are being used in the Travel and Customer Loyalty industry. Michael is also an expert in data security. He also shared how to do a proper data governance to protect their customers and his company. We also touched on the challenges and opportunities on cross-border data sharing and #cloud strategies on #BigData and #AI applications. Thank you Michael.

Stay tuned for #ToaSirDataTalk #ToaSir講數. Will share the way to access this series of mine shortly. You don’t want to miss the experience sharing from Michael and other corporate and digital leaders from key industries in #HongKong, Mainland #China Iin particular #GBA and #ASEAN.

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Seizing the opportunity in the #ASEAN market was my topic today at #InnoPreneur Meetup of #HKPC. I talked about the growth in ASEAN, opportunities & challenges to enter the market. We introduced the ASEAN #Entrepreneurship & Market Development Executive Diploma Programme jointly organized by HKPC and me. It aims to empower #SMEs & #startups to enter to the ASEAN market. Find out more about the program