We all had a fruitful day at MIT Innovation Node today in Hong Kong to be the jury panel of the IFTA FinTech Achievement Awards. Top financial services incumbents, startups, virtual banks, entrepreneurs and rising stars were all here. Indeed, great to see many familiar and new faces.

We were impressed by innovative business models, advanced technologies and most importantly the participants’ passion, and their economic and social contribution.

Thanks for the leadership from 龐寶林 IFTA and Charleston Sin MIT Innovation Node to make it happen to encourage and nurture FinTech innovation in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned to find out the stars of the stars in the FinTech world. The 2nd year IFTA Annual FinTech Award presentation ceremony will be on Aug 18, 2020. For more, please visit www.cftasia.org

2020 HKICT Awards FinTech Award is coming again.  Many FinTech heroes in town were the winners of this award in the last few years such as CoverGo Tomas Holub in 2019.

The FinTech Award is composed of three streams: 1. Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets 2. Emerging Solutions 3. Regulatory Technology and Risk Management* (*Includes FinTech Security).

Don’t miss this opportunity to compete for one of the most honourable FinTech Awards in Asia. The award is highly endorsed by the FinancialServices industry, governments, regulators and investors in the region. The application deadline is Jan 3, 2020. Find out more here https://lnkd.in/fs6zyte

Thanks for Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Carrie Leung Philip Kam as the leading organizer for this award again this year and the leadership from OGCIO. It is my honour to be the Chief Judge again for this year’s award. Hope to see you in the final round. Wish you all the best and good luck. FinTech HKICTAward FinTechAward HKIB HKMA HKSFC HKIA IFTA FTAHK Cyberport HKSTP ASTRI InvestHK

FinTech IFTA Congrats to all awardees in the IFTA FinTech Achievement Award Ceremony 2018. Find out who the winners are from my reply section below. Thanks for all guests and awardees to join our presentation ceremony and share our honour and joy yesterday. Together we have established Hong Kong as the leading FinTech hub in Asia. Let’s keep it going.

Top organization and individual contributors to FinTech Ecosystem and FinTech talents cultivation received recognition there with the support from both FSTB and ITB.

The 6th Episode of Cyberport FinTech Series at Metro Finance Radio Channel features eTrading innovation and new FinTech Certification Programme Samuel C.H. Wan, Co-Founder and Chairperson, Molecule Financial (Stockflash 秒投), was our guest. StockFlash, Molecule’s flagship product, is a platform for Social Trading and Molecule is a Cyberport incubatee.

Find out more here. https://lnkd.in/fVp7zRJ

Mr. Paul Pong, IFTA Chairman and a veteran in Financial Services industry, was another guest. Paul brought in a FinTech certification programme from UK to HK during our Cyberport delegation to London in Sep 2017.

Find out more here. Cyberport FinTech Delegation to London: https://lnkd.in/ffNHrsB IFTA: https://lnkd.in/f3EFJVb

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