#ASEAN is the #NextBigThing for startups from #HongKong#GreaterBayArea #GBA as well as #mainland #startups. ASEAN has close to 650 million people with growing number of middle class and millennials.

On one hand, the local startup ecosystems in ASEAN countries are heating up with rapidly-rising middle class, great government initiatives for tech startups, #VC and #CVC investors’ appetite on tech, certainly innovative #entrepreneurs and more. #GoJek and #Tokopedia from #Indonesia#Lazada and #Razor from #Singapore#Grab from #Malaysia #Singapore#VNG from #Vietnam, just name a few. On the other hand, it has huge opportunities for startups from HK, GBA and mainland startups.

Join me to explore with entrepreneurs who have been working on their ventures in 5 major ASEAN countries including #Singapore #Malaysia #Indonesia #Thailand #Vietnam. Thanks for #HKPC Hong Kong Productivity Council to organize the forum.

Find out more and enroll here:

Chia Hock Lai Robin Leong (CIM UK) Winnie Lee Wing Yan Dr. David Ma JOSEPH LEE, CFA ALEX Chan Jack Lim Paranee Damodaran Marius Chow Karen F. Dato’ Vimmy Yap Gopi Ganesalingam Chinawut Chinaprayoon Ridha W. See Toh Kean Yaw VS Ravi Medhy Souidi Vijay Sharma

How will US-China Tech Decoupling impact #MNCs and TECH #startups in #HongKong & #MainlandChina#AMCHAM has organized a panel discussion today on this hot topic. Alex Capri #HinrichFoundation Dan Wang #GavekaiDragonomics and I were the panel speakers. Thanks for Margaret Loo David Chao AMCHAM.

We talked about the impact on global supply chain, feasibility of the #TechDecoupling#semiconductor & #AI competitions, Chinese talents in the US, university collaboration, offshoring tech..

I have shared my views on how our HK startups can deal with this challenge. What did we learn from the 9 HK #unicorns?
1. Accelerate our biz to ASEAN & mainland China particularly the Greater Bay, not just HK
2. Set up an international team with leaders & staff in foreign countries
3. Look for partnership & investment from the companies in the just-born Hang Seng Internet and Information Technology Index #HSIII
4. Focus more on business model innovation as we have the market scale with lots of pain points
5. Speed up #DeepTech R&D with universities in HK and funding from the mainland

It is challenging time for our startups for sure. #Cyberport#HKSTP & many ecosystem stakeholders are offering programs and fundings to our startups to overcome this challenging time. We shall overcome.

Traditional companies can compete well in the DigitalEconomy if they can reskill & empower their employees with BigData capabilities & DataLiteracy.  Adsale, a leading exhibition services company in Asia, is a great example.

My team & I have conducted a 2 days big data workshop to Adsale’s 60+ employees from top to middle mgt, from sales to ops. The learning culture of Adsale is what I admired the most. A traditional company has the practice to keep innovating & learning every year, from DesignThinking, to BigData & AI. Big Data is an enabler but an innovative culture is the key for any big data project success. In today’s digital era, every company needs to be DataDriven & every employee needs to be CitizenDataScientist in order to have the right to compete.

We talked about the core concepts, applications, monetization, platform, cases, implementation, challenge, org issues, prioritization, governance & more. I also invited big data startups LivelyImpact ClareAI Luna2 Radica to share their innovations & IT veteran Andrew Ling to share his experience as CIO of several major traditional companies. All these discussions were fruitful & practical.

Thanks to all guests, Adsale’s mgt & their teammates, my partner Ivan Ng for their active participation.

300+ participants of HKICTAwards 2020 joined a briefing session organized by OGCIO &  HKPC. Competition judges & award winners have shared their experience. Thanks Sunny Lee Kingsley Wong Agnes Mak & Dr. Chris Leung.

Almost 50%  participants are their first time joining HKICT Awards. The speakers’ sharings were very useful to them. I am the Chief Judge of the FinTech Award & have experience in hundreds of worldwide competitions. Let me share some thoughts here.

My key messages are:

1. Mindset: The participants are all winners already as this process will facilitate them to learn from the judges, participants, etc.

2. Critical Thinking: Get someone outside your comfort zone to challenge you. If you’re a corp, get startups & investors to critically review yours & vice versa.

3. Hockey Stick: BusinessModel solving a big pain point with scalability & explosiveness as a hockey stick

4. Team Mix: Do u have a good mix of domain, biz mind, entrepreneur, technologist, finance expert in your team?

5. WoW: Do u have a WoW in your innovation? How unique is it?

6. KYJ: Know Your Judges. Different judges have different appetites. Predict what they ask.

Then, Practise & Rehearse more. Join local, mainland & international hackathon accelerator pitching to learn more.

Congrats to Hong Kong Startups Ecosystem. 3 flagship events are all in this week. InvestHK HKFinTechWeek, Cyberport Venture Caplital Forum (CVCF) and HKSTP ElevatorPitch (EPiC). We altogether organized a super successful startups week in Hong Kong and for HongKong even under the recent situation in Hong Kong. Thank you.

What we can do these days is not to give up or stop our innovation and technology aspirations. Rather we need to work together even harder and contribute even more to continue building on what we have established in the past few years and keep cultivating our startups. That is the way we can help HK in this stage and sustain our strength. Let’s keep on our momentum.

Glad to see many friends this week Peter Yan Albert Wong Hugh Chow King Leung Jessica Ng Curtis Chan Benjamin Wong Charles Lam Stella Kwan Teddy Lui Queenie Chang Peter Mok Alice So Anvil Ng Peter Yeung AC Andy Michael Sukui Xue Ivan Yip Pierre Wang Eddie RONG Ken Lo Samuel C.H. Wan and the list goes on and on. Glad to see you all there. Thanks for your effort and support.

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Lessons learned from 8 Unicorns from Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Unicorns from Hong Kong Klook Sensetime TNG Welab and Unicorns from Shenzhen 柔宇 優必選 百迈 微物联 were sharing their Road to Unicorn “成獸之路” last week in Cyberport Hong Kong. Thanks for HKITJC 深港科技社团联盟 to organize it. Some key takeaways from these top start-ups: 1. Have a great vision and build that from inside to outside 2. Attract talents and be able to keep them 3. Able to overcome major challenges like running out of cash but hang on to continue (many of them faced this in their journey) 4. B2B is important as it’s not just for win-win for business but co-creating a much better customer experience to customers 5. Young talents may not be ready to be an entrepreneur but they may like to join a promising start-ups. Inspire them.and have them to join you. More… Thanks to Alex Kong (江庆恩) Tat Lee David Liu Sensetime 尚海龍

Nov 2017

Startup launches UnionPay card payment service for HK taxis

Hong Kong commuters can now use their UnionPay cards to pay for taxi fares.

One2Paid, a cashless payment solution startup under local fintech company CamClaim, has partnered with UnionPay International, China Mobile Hong Kong, K&R International and JetSet Taxi to provide the mobile payment service.

Read More: http://www.ejinsight.com/20171113-startup-launches-unionpay-card-payment-service-for-hk-taxis/

3 Key Success Factors of Digital Tech Entrepreneurship 想創業成功,湛家揚博士認為必須具備3大條件:

1/ 改變社會的熱情Passion to Change: 「做初創每天都會遇到不同的問題,包括現金流、投資者的壓力、客戶未必接受自己等,有很多難關要過,如果你沒有一份熱情,沒有一定的魄力,未必可以衝破難關。」

2/ 國際化的思維Global Mindset: 「參考創業較成功的國家如以色列,當地每間初創由零開始時,已經有國際化的思維。如果你只想在本地發展,即使整個香港的生意都做完,市場都不會太大。」

3/ 留意經濟發展Watch out Regional Economies: 「特別是在大灣區、一帶一路的市場,當


Read the article here: https://lnkd.in/fgPNxNm

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6332622857864081408

前海國際聯絡服務有限公司於11月15日舉行《與投資者對話:如何打動深港創賽評委》講座,邀請前海管理局香港事務首席聯絡官洪為民博士、香港數碼港管理有限公司代表公眾使命總監湛家揚博士、香港菁英會主席盧金榮博士、亞太文化創意產業總會創會會長蔡漢成教授、前海深港青年事務專業諮詢委員會委員關俊華先生、集信軟件科技有限公司行政總裁羅耀宗先生、紫荊厚德商學院執行院長陳立文博士、國際青年商會香港總會上屆會長梁國柱先生、亞太文化創意產業總會副會長、越世代(iGen6)集團董事總經理馬維業先生及兩支深港創賽的香港區優勝隊伍Gear-up Charger及SwiftCam探討如何在1分鐘內打動投資者、A輪集資必勝攻略、2017創業通勝等熱門話題,讓創業者及準創業者捕捉融資機會。