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#FinTech #Payment #hkuspace #Cyberport #Alipay #Octopus #Mastercard HKUSPACE Open Day featured a great fourm on mobile payment innovation, adoption and challenge in Hong Kong. Bosco Lin from #Alipay HK, Sunny from #Octopus, Helena Chen from #Mastercard joined the forum with a few hundred audiences. I shared the FinTech landscape first and then we discussed the current adoption, latest technologies, cybersecurity, data privacy in the mobile payment era. The guests gave a very balanced view on the topic as they are coming from Hong Kong, mainland China and the US.

Cash and coins are still playing a key role in Hong Kong and that’s where mobile payment can add the most values on. When I asked the guests, “Are you guys competitors?”, what do you think how they responded? They said they in fact give more options to citizens and merchants, such as QR code and NFC. It is too early to compete until the adoption of mobile payment is getting higher in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been improving in terms of FinTech adoption. With mobile payment is getting more success, so will the other FinTech areas such as alternative financing, robo-advisor, etc. Regulators will launch faster payment, open API, virtual bank, etc. Thanks to all the guests and hkuspace.

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