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RISE Conference Hong Kong 2018

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#RISE2018 #HongKong #CEHK #CarrieLam #Cyberport RISE Conference Hong Kong 2018 is being held today and the coming few days in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Mrs Carrie Lam delivered keynote speech and visited Cyberport booth and our start-ups. Cyberport incubatee #FindSolutionAI introduced their AI-driven emotion detection innovation for education to CE. Mrs Lam also tried it out and had a great and warm dialog with Viola Lam, CEO of Find Solution.AI and other start-ups as well. We all appreciate CE’s support and commitment to the growth of innovation and technology industry in Hong Kong. Thank you.

Many other exciting innovations are live there in RISE Hong Kong 2018. See you around. Cheers.

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