(Hong Kong) Ice Breaking to Re-warm Back to the Physical World

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Ice breaking to re-warm ourselves back to the physical world. While we are gradually getting back to the physical f2f world, like 2 f2f conferences that I participated last week, we need some help to lossen up our ankles and muscle, and reboot our mindset back to the real world. #EnergyBooster is a good way that you may try.

The 6th Cloud Forum last Friday used the Energy Booster to warm up hundreds of audiences before the real show. What it did was to ask everyone to simulate and act on what they would do during their leisure time right in the venue. Then it asked the friends around to guess what it was.

It could be basketball, golf, singing, reading, mahjong, massage, etc. All audiences stood up and proactively joined. It ended up with many different ways on how the audiences spent their time on leisure. It was fun and really engaged the whole crowd be it be tens, hundreds or thousands on a physical location. Try it in your next #f2f #offline #physical event. Cheers.

Thanks Catherine Chan #Kornerstone the organizer of the 6th Cloud Forum to arrange such a great way to warm us up.

6th Cloud Forum

20th HK GS1 Conference

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