Visiting FoodPanda Office

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We may think that foodpanda’s office would be like a warehouse or a market as it deals with food delivery and logistics. In fact, foodpanda’s office is exactly like a vibrant startup’s office. The environment is open and collaborative. It is full of young talents with passion and innovation. Certainly, the cutty “Pau Pau” panda is there to make everyone joyful at work. They also have draft beer for informal gathering and praticing kitchen to co-create new cuisines with their partners, and more. Just love it.

Thanks for the leadership from their CEO Ryan Lai. It really made a huge difference to innovate for customers and engage young talents. Really happy to see that Ryan has brought his entrepreneurial experience to lead and change the company and in fact the industry. It reinforces my experience again that people who have been startups before can really bring entrepreneurship to corporates and make a difference.

I visited Ryan and his big data man Andrew Chan today in their nice office. We exchanged views on platform and data strategy. Thanks for Ryan’s and Andrew’s sharing and their special moon cake. Really proud of Ryan to lead foodpanda to become a leader in Hong Kong. Add oil, Ryan, Andrew and team.

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