“The Power Duo of AI and Big Data” is one of my favorite courses in our #CUHK Digital Leadership Series for Executives. In the last 2 days, I have delivered this class to the #ChiyuBank #集友銀行 in Hong Kong & Xiamen. Thanks for Michael Chan, Executive Director of the Chiyu Bank, to kickoff the class & his support.

I have shared my #BigData & #AI experience from #MachineLearning #Algorithms #DataLiteracy concepts to innovative applications in #FinancialServices #FinTech & #ResponsibleAI. Apart from lectures, case studies & group discussions, I have invited 2 AI experts to share their experience. My heartfelt thanks to my guest speakers Calvin Cheng, CFA from Wizpresso & Daniel Ling from OneConnect Financial Technology.

I encouraged more interaction from my students in the class. The most engaged students were given a copy of my book #數碼力大提升 with my signature and personalized message. Congratulations to 3 winners today.

Grateful that more and more enterprises and their executives are taking the courses in our #DigitalLeadershipSeries for executives to empower & #reskill themselves to be competitive & relevant in the #DigitalEconomy.

For more about our #DigitalLeadershipSeries, please read my post here.


#FinTech is very critical for Hong Kong as one of the world’s leading financial centres. #HKUSPACE has started a comprehensive FinTech diploma course in 2021 with aim to cultivating more FinTech talents for Hong Kong. It is amazing to see that we have a full range of FinTech training now from PhD, Master’s Bachelor’s to Diploma, Certificate & MOOC from all major universities here. We had none of these 5 years ago.

Calvin Cheng, CFA, the CEO of #Wizpresso Wizpresso, is the key designer and instructor of this course. Calvin invited me as his first guest speaker for the class. I shared about my experience on FinTech, FinTech ecosystem and open innovation. Calvin’s students were very eager to learn and asked quite a few good questions.

Glad to see that young professionals from financial services and non financial services industries have such a drive to learn more about FinTech. The class is on every Friday evening for many weeks. It is not easy obviously. I am so respectful to Calvin and all his students to spend time and effort to learn. Great learning attitude👍🙏. 加油💪👊!

Appreciate Calvin and hkuspace programme leader Ringo Chan for their effort to put together such a practical and timely FinTech programme for Hong Kong. Find out more here https://lnkd.in/gvP_TCR

#Covid19 cannot slow down HK people to keep flourishing & moving forward. I was engaged in 6 amazing events organized by key HK partners in 1 single week. #Accounting #HR #FinTech #OpenSource #BIGDATA #EMBA. What a way to start 2021!

Really pleased to see healthy & happy friends online & f2f. Appreciate the efforts & passion of the organizers to make these happened. Thank you & keep it going. That is #HongKongSpirit, that is us.

Congratulate to all the awardees & thank to the forum participants.

Judge: 2020 #CTgoodjobs Best HR Awards Presentation on Jan 15

Judge: 2020 #ETNET FinTech Awards Presentation on Jan 12

Keynote Speaker: Democratize Big Data through Open Source Technologies
Annual #PostgreSQL Conference #Guangzhou on Jan 15

Speaker: The Most Valuable Accountant in the Digital Economy
#HKiCPA #CPD Forum #Shanghai on Jan 14

Speaker: Winning with Digital Leadership
#CUHK #EMBA #CUHKEMBA Forum on Jan 13

Chief Advisor: 2020 #B4B Challenge #Shanghai on Jan 14

Cindy Chan Ada Chow Reo Lam Emil Chan Pong Yuen, Howard Lam Catherine Chan Catherine Leung Chun So Susanna Chiu Happy Lee

Exhausted.Weekend is coming😅😃

#InsurTech is getting great momentum in Hong Kong. #Bowtie #Blue #OneDegree #CoverGo #Coherent #Weinsurance #ZongAn & a few more have been pioneering it & performing well. At the same time, incumbents gradually ramping up their innovation  like #Aviva #AXA #Prudential #SunLife #Zurich

I had a fruitful discussion with Fred Ngan #Bowtie in the #BODW2020 a few weeks ago. Today, I had another chance to talk to a group of experts in the InsurTech industry including Isabel Feliciano-Wendleken Lapman Lee  Syed Musheer Ahmed in the 2020 #NEXX FinTech at #Cyberport.

My key takeaways:
1. InsurTech startups need to find the right sponsor in the incumbents which are aligned on KPIs

2. Like #OpenBanking#OpenInsurance is needed for better customer experience & collaboration with the ecosystem

3. Build digital insurance from scratch so that the end products are simplier in nature & easier for designing better customer centric solutions

4. #B2B gains good momentum while #B2C can learn from #VirtualBanks.

Apart from InsurTech, the Conference had panels on #VirtualBanking#Payments & other hot FinTech topics. Glad to see good friends Ernest Leung from #WeLabMedhy Souidi from #DBS & FinTech guru Emil Chan & others.

Appreciate Mann WM Yim & Ivy Chan for organizing the conference.

Today is a big big day for our Master’s students at #CUHK #BusinessSchool CUHK Business School – Masters because today is their graduation day. Congratulations to you all my fellow students for your marvelous accomplishment.

I am so grateful to have a chance to teach and make friends with some of you in my #EMBA#MBA and #MiM classes on various #DigitalLeadership #Innovation #Entrepreneurship #FinTech #AI subjects.

You have completed an important milestone of your life journey. Keep up your passion of lifetime learning to cope with the ever changing world. Remember that your #DigitalLiteracy is the new language in the #DigitalEconomy. Keep it up, guys.

We “#LookForward” to hear from you and witness you to create more business and social impact to industries and societies in the road ahead. Congratulations again. Really proud of you all.

Thanks to our Dean’s leadership and all fellow faculties and admin colleagues. Pong Yuen, Howard Lam Grace Liang Andrew Chan.

Special thanks to Angel Ng #CEO #Citi to give a specular speech to our students. Find out more in my comments below.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 #HKICTAwards #FinTech Award. Today, we held our #f2f presentation ceremony. Meeting friends in person is great & has been missed. The winners are:

#FanoLabs – the Grand Award Winner & the Gold Award of the RegTech & Risk Management

#HKFI The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers – the Gold Award of the Banking, Insurance & Capital Markets

#AQUMON – the Gold Award of the Emerging Solutions

Also congratulations to the other winners of this year #Wizpresso #Pecutus #KnowYourCustomer #Datago #HangSengBank #OneDegree #BeeFinTech #gini #InfoCast #IDDY.
Download the Award Pamphlet here.

It is my honour to be the Chief Judge of this year’s Award. My heartfelt thank to all the judges and assessors for their contributions to this year’s Award and their professional advices.

Thanks to #HKIB Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and #OGCIO to organize such a great Award to encourage FinTech #innovations for Hong Kong. Appreciate #HKIB Carrie Leung Philip Kam and their teammates to make today’s presentation ceremony a successful and safe one.

Well done Miles Wen (温豪夫) Duncan Wong Calvin Cheng, CFA Victor Lang (梁敬熙) Victor Yip Ken Shih Alvin Kwock Herman Cheng Ray Wyand Yi Long unsung heroes.

See you all f2f next year!

Felt great to pick up my guitar and sang my favorite folk songs. It feels like back to 30 years old when I was singing folk songs from town to town back then. Yesterday, we went to a professional studio to sing and record a favorite song of mine, Peter, Paul and Mary’s <Tall Pine Trees>,即是林子祥的<我要走天涯>。

To celebrate the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020, #ESGMatters gathered some friends including me to sing some songs. That was why we were there. It was so fun and triggered me to think back the joy back then. “Those were the days..”

If you would like to watch our performance, please stay tuned for the following sessions of #ESGMatters ESG Matters 自動生成ESG報告 on Nov 2: https://lnkd.in/g2EHP-n

Register here for the #ESGNight

Thanks so much to Andy, Dicky, 豹哥 and many ESG Matters’ teammates with full support and passion to make this happen. May Lit Lavin Yeung Dicky Lo Wilson Kwok MA(HONS), FCPA, CA, ATIHK, FHKFA, CFP, CFT Also, thanks to the key men behind the FinTech Week Hong Kong 2020 King Leung Anthony Sar for their effort and support.

See you in Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020. Let’s learn, network, do #FinTech business and have some fun as well. Cheers.

The presentation ceremony of the 2019 #IFTA #FinTech Awards was successfully held yesterday. Congrats to all the winners. In this challenging year under Covid-19, our jury team led by Charleston Sin #MIT #InnovationNode had overcome all the challenges and carefully selected the stars of the stars as the winners 3 months ago.

In particular, I would like to congratulate the winners of my favorite areas #AI and #BigData. Really proud of #BIBO #Convoy #FreightAmigo #Lufax #Wizpresso #YOOV. You all did well in making use of data to empower financial services and their customers. Calvin Cheng, CFA Ka-Ming Lee Alex Szeto Wong Philip.

Also met good friends and FinTech experts there such as ALEX Chan and his #Forms teammates, Daniel Ling and his #OneConnect teammates, Raymond Wing Fung Chan, CFT#Cyberport and #HKSTP FinTech teammates, and many others. Congrats to them as well to win great awards and recognition from IFTA.

Thanks to 龐寶林 Wilson Kwok FCPA, CA, FHKSA, MA(HONS), ATIHK, FHKFA, CFP Darron Sun leadership in organizing this award.

Today was the graduation ceremony of the 3rd cohort of our #MiniMBA programme co-orgainized by #CUHK #BusinessSchool #APIB & #Convoy since April 2019. We’re so grateful to have trained over hundreds of high-calibre Convoy executives. https://lnkd.in/gmXVW_3

Every cohort had 9 modules taught by our faculties with deep real-world industry experience. #ActionLearning projects done by our students were full of #entrepreneurship passion. The best projects are further cultivated & funded to progress further. Industry seminars on #FinTech topics were held https://lnkd.in/gzQy_-8. The inspired Convoy team then initiated its own #Hackathon #Finspire with great success https://lnkd.in/gJQupVP. Convoy also supported #Cyberport #CUPP & joined #MIT #InnovationNode workshop.

The last 15 months was a fruitful training journey for all students from Convoy & CUHK faculties. That is an excellent example of how corporates & universities worked together to cultivate the next generation of leaders to seize unprecedented opportunities in digital economy & manage chaotic world.

Thanks to Convoy Wing-Fai Ng Almond Wong Shin Kin Hang Shirley Tsui Miu Ling & CUHK Waiman Cheung Wendy Lai Rebecca Wong. Appreciate great effort from our faculties & students and congrats to all accomplishments.


It has been a year since I taught my favorite subject for #CUHK #MBA – Applications of #AI & #MachineLearning in #FinancialServices. I remember how engaged my MBA students like Daniel Lee Carmen Pan Olivia Saha & others were to learn about the subject. They did a few group projects on #PingAn #WeBank #DBS #HKEx impressively. Appreciate all guest speakers Wing Cheung Tim Chan, MBA, FLMIBianca HoJacob Wai 韋達人, LLM, MBA, FRM, CMA, MHKCS & Tim Leung to share their practical experience. My students loved this part very much.

A new cohort will start next week. Thanks for Grace Liang‘s & her team’s support to make it happened under the #Covid19. We received great interest & enrollment for this class. Will share the latest AI #innovations on #WealthTech #LendTech #BankTech #PayTech #InsurTech #RegTech & #MarketIntelligence. Again I have invited seasoned #FinTech, AI & #BigData #entrepreneurs & innovators from incumbents & #startups to share their experience. Thanks in advance for Vivek Mohindra 默威克 #KristalAIMedhy Souidi #DBS #TencentJacob Wai 韋達人, LLM, MBA, FRM, CMA, MHKCS #FitchGeorge Lee #Mastercard & Calvin Cheng, CFA #Wizpresso.

Look forward to another great learning journey with my #CUHKMBA students & guest speakers on AI in financial services.