It was a fruitful day in #Cyberport together with Rocky Cheng #BOCHKMichael Leung #BOADr Wendy Woon Ming LEE #AutoDesk and Justin Leung #YCP. We were in the vetting meeting to select #startups to join Cyberport #Incubation Programme #CIP.

Again, quite a few passionate and elite #entrepreneurs applied for the programme. Great innovations on #FinTech#InsurTech#AI#EdTech#HealthTech#PropTech#DigitalEntertainment#LifeStyle#SmartCity, etc. Impressive that a few of them have already had footprint or have their plan and ambition to go after #ASEAN and #GBA markets.

Thanks Cyberport’s team Eric Chan Alice So William Lau Steve Lam and many others for all their effort behind the scene. Keep it going and add oil.

We had lunch in the Interval/Farmacy restaurant in Cyberport. They served vegetables from #Farmacy which use technologies to provide farming at store. Thanks Raymond Mak for making it happened there. Tasty and healthy plus nice environment.

Towngas is a great learning organization with open culture to keep their teams innovative in the Digital Economy. They have been organizing Techtalks regularly on topics like IOT AI 5G MachineLearning to educate their colleagues at all levels updated on Innovation. They made use of lunch time & Skype to make these available to most staff in different locations. Great effort there. It was my honour to share my experience on BigData with them. Thanks for GM of Corporate IT Susanna Shen inviting me for such a great sharing session. We talked about a few key innovations to make use of big data including Philips,  Michelin, Siemens, Amazon and Alibaba. I use life examples to make this topic understandable to audiences with different backgrounds. I believe it is the key as TechTaks do not have to be RocketScience. Rather, it should bring out how technology relates to what the audiences care like customer experience. Everyone needs to be Citizen Data Scientist and high DataQuotient to make intelligent use of data to compete in today’s digital world. We also discuss Preventive Maintenance on stoves, pipes, Smart Meters to do Smart City AlgorithmaticTrading.  Great to have the discussion to trigger more inspirations. Keep it going TownGas to create more values to us. Thank you.

The Talents Development Committee of Macau SAR Government to gather overseas Macao’s talents back to Macao to share their experience with the Monetary Authority of Macau, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, University of Macau, Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre, etc.  為促進本澳行業發展、加強專業人員之間的交流,人才發展委員會日前邀請八位居港傑出澳門人士回澳參訪,按其專業所長分別安排前往不同職能的公共部門、高等院校與機構進行交流,並與參訪單位負責人交換專業意見。Macao-native international talents on  FinTech, Chinese Medicine, and  Entrepreneurship were included in this time.   Macao press on the visit

It was my honour to be a part of it and shared my experience on innovation and technology industry, in particular, FinTech, AI, IoT, SmartCity, Entrepreneurship, Startup with senior government officials, corporate executives and academia. It was a fruitful trip to learn how Macao plans to strengthen their business link with Portuguese speaking countries like Portugal Brazil and position themselves in the Greater Bay Area. Also, how they plan to do more on Entrepreneurship and Smart City. With the new Chief Executive on board in 2020 plus the gambling license renewal of the 6 casinos in 2022, Macao will have a great chance to transform and flourish. If you would like to collaborate with Macao, please let me know.

GS1HK IoTConference 2019 attracted 600+ guests to participate it. Top government officials from ITB OGCIO, LEGCO Charles Mok Cyberport Peter Yan STP Albert Wong & GS1HK Anna Lin Andy Bien officiated the opening ceremony. Huawei Cisco Alibaba have shared about SmartCity & 5G.

As the Chairman of OpenCertHub www.opencerthub.com, it was my honour to talk about the theme “The Engine of AI Economy: Certified Professionals for Apache Projects CPFA“. My key takeaway for audiences was DQ (DataQuotient). Why?

In the last decade, IQ & hashtagEQ are necessities for people to perform well in their career. In the next decade, DQ will be another critical competence for everyone. We need to be CitizenDataScientist. OpenCertHub aims to strengthen the DQ of business & technical leaders & professionals in order to stay ahead of their competitions.

OpenCertHub provides an intelligent & robust examination platform for professionals & leaders to authenticate their AI/Big Data & open sources competence thru acquiring the globally recognized Certified Professionals for Apache Projects (CPFA) qualification. For more, download my presentation here. https://lnkd.in/fnf-rcT

Thanks HK GS1 for organizing the conference. We are very pleased to collaborate closely with GS1.

I shared my view in an interview conducted in hashtagGS1HK Annual IoT Conference 2019 on how hashtagIOT, hashtagAIOT, hashtag5G and hashtagBigData work together to empower business and technology leaders and professionals with high hashtagDataQuotient or hashtagDQ so that they can lead and compete in the hashtagDigitalEconomy. In the hashtagAI Era, 30% of all current jobs will be automated by AI by 2030 according to hashtagPWC. At the same time, 30% of our workforce in leading enterprises need to be a hashtagCitizenDataScientist according to hashtagGartner. Do you get the logic from these 2 numbers and what does it mean to you? Our view is that DQ will be as equally important as today’s hashtagIQ, hashtagEQ and major language skills, such as, hashtagEnglish, for the success of everyone in our new workplace of Digital Economy. hashtagOpenCertHub‘s mission is to democratize data literacy to the mass and transform the current workforce to be citizen data scientists, data engineers, data scientists and more in open source environment. Find out more here www.opencerthub.com Thanks again for Hong Kong GS1 and Anna Lin Andy Bien leadership for making this happen and empower HK to be a data-drivenSmartCity.

GS1HK 2019 Annual IOT Conference Interview

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum CVCF 2018 was successfully held in Cyberport today. Over 1,000 investors, start-ups, and other stakeholders of innovation and technology industry from all over the world joined this year’s CVCF. One of the key highlights in the forum was 2 FinTech unicorns from Hong Kong TNG and WeLab were sharing their fund raising experience with top investors including Israeli OurCloud and Hong Kong ClickVenture. Followed by another panel with our future unicorns Origami and FindSolutionAI and their investors Gobi and Misuho. All these 4 outstanding start-ups are from Cyberport community. We are extremely proud of them. Well done. Appreciate great effort from Kevin Johan Wong Simon Loong Alex Kong (江庆恩) Viola Lam and more. Thank you so much for all participants and guests to make another great milestone for Hong Kong start-ups ecosystem. Cheers.

Not just Shenzhen and Hong Kong are active in innovation and technology industry, so is Macau. Macau has released their Smart City plan and is working on cloud, smart transportation, smart health and so on.

I have met with the 3 major universities in Macau, including Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), Macau City University (MCityU) and University of Macau (UMAC), to exchange ideas. For instance, MUST has set up an institute on Blockchain, MCityU has started their Faculty of Finance with focus on FinTech, and UMAC has a number of Data Science initiatives. I also shared my FinTech experience with the graduate Finance programme students of MCityU. They were very eager to learn FinTech.

I also visited the core innovation and technology as well as FinTech parties in Macau. It includes the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT), Macau Young Entrepreneur Incubation Center, Monetary Authority of Macau and Macau Institute of Financial Services, etc.

With the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area, opening of the bridge connecting Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai, the upcoming license renewal of Macau casinos, there will be more opportunities evolved for I&T companies.